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Chef Cinema is an independent place where cafe, bakery and restaurant are all combined together. The place allows costumers to experience different cousins and meals depending on time you visit. The name comes from the idea of having different chefs every day just like new movies in cinema. Customers can also watch hove the food is being cooked.


The request was to make a logo that would be able to show the ability of customers to watch the cooking process but not in an obvious way. It also was very welcomed to create a character or a face.


The logo was made within a month. Over 30 different ideas were made and suggested as an Illustrator file in the early beginning. On the next step the discussions through Google meeting were made. All the feedback was taken into account and then next suggestions were made. First things first the fint and text style was developed. Then we started to develop the main image for the logo. After choosing the most suitable image, a face with a hand in a ‘pince-nez’ shape, from the suggested variants, over 60 new different faces with different styles and hands suggestions were sent on consideration. And on the final Google meeting the last decision was made and the logo was done on the following days. The image of a man with pince-nez has been inspired by the old French vintage style of late 19th and early 20th centuries when the first movie was invented, particularly by Lumière brothers (the French manufacturers of photography equipment, best known for their Cinématographe motion picture system).








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